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    Birth details:
    3th september 1986, 2.02 am, margilan uzbekistan

    will I get married this year and how will look like my soulmate?

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    As per your birth time, you should have been already married. Read my article “Definitions in Astrology” on

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    So my birth time isn’t right.
    It’s likely between 2 am- 3 am.

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    Free-will and family/society circumstances do affect the outcome of events. Just because you are not married doesn’t means your time of birth is wrong unless you/your family have doubts about correctness of time or other events such as education/family situation don;t match with horoscope per time provided (if that’s the case prashna lagna is the best and for that you would need to give a number between 1-249 so we can answer right time for marriage). While your horoscope is good for marriage, 7th lord Jupiter being retrograde becomes weak as its positioned in its own star.

    Per the time details you provided, you are under Sun Mahadasha from 12/10/2015 until 12/10/2021 (Sun placed in star of Venus and having moon as sublord is good for romance). There would have been strong chances of marriage or marriage like situation (love affair) during Sun-Mars period 30/7/2016 to 5/12/2016 as Mars is positioned in 7th house in star of Venus and has Jupiter (lord of house of marriage) as sublord.

    Regarding marriage chances, Jupiter period starting from 30/10/2017 to 18/8/2018 is excellent time for marriage.

    Chanting Jupiter beej mantra (google it out) 21000 times in 21 days post 30/10/2017 will help focus and find the right match.

    May god bless you!
    Astrologer Deepak

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