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    Diya r

    Hi sir

    Iam getting a lot proposals fromso many years but nothing is getting finalised… can i know y and when will I get married

    Birth details
    24th july 1987
    Time : 21.49
    Place : mangalore Karnataka
    Rashi : mithuna
    Nakshatra: punarvasu

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    You will be wedded this year between 25-02-2018 to 02-11-2018. It seems you are interested in someone and hence the alliance might have missed during 2014-2016.
    Saturn’s placement in 9th house and aspecting 3rd house, is the cause of delay.

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    Diya r

    Yes sir actually iam interestd in someone and it was missed during the said period… so will i be married to the one iam intersted in?cause my family as well as his family is interested in this alliance but he wanted to set his career so that was the reason he said no to all the proposals including mine…

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    Dear Divya Ji,

    There are couple of weakness in your birth chart. 7th house Lord is badly placed in 6th house of conflict and separation. Weak Venus. Due to utter weakness of Mars being the dispositor of Jupiter, the lord of Husband is also weak. So, Marriage may be further delayed according to me.

    malefic effect on 5th house shows deeper involvement in physical and short term love relationship which may not fructify.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    I hope the boy might not have settled in his job. Even though he got a job it would not be satisfactory to him.
    It would be an arranged marriage. In any case if the marriage is not done in the period mentioned in you earlier mail, it would be in the period 21-03-2019 to 17-03-2020.
    we have to take star disposition and sub lord decision. Not sign dispostion. As per bhava chart the readings are given. Moon lord of 6th is in the 5th bhava. Moon is in the star of Jupiter lord of 11th in the 2nd. good for marriage.
    Like wise Venus. Venus is in the 5th. Venus is in the star of Jupiter in 2nd. Good for marriage.

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