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    Bharti Arora

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly tell is there is any possibility of marriage in my life .Also i want to get settled down in abroad.Will my luck favor me.Below are my details:

    Name : Bharti Arora
    Date of birth : 26.09.1982

    Time of birth : 12:01 am ( 25th Midnight)

    Place : New Delhi

    I will wait for the reply

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    Though you have a strong Kalasarpa yoga which sandwiches all planets between Rahu and Kethu, you could get married around mid 2019 and you have reasons to travel long distance which could be overseas. You have a strong Bhadra Yoga too and you can shine in your job.

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    Dear Bharti Ji,

    Due to Kalsarpa Yoga, You may not get the actual results of Your Efforts in Your Career and Profession.

    For Marriage, Lords Position says that, You shall have a Love marriage.

    Now, presence of Rahu in asc is strong and may have made You self obsessed and career oriented and placement of Ketu in 7th house is creating obstacles for Your Marriage.

    Significator of Husband Jupiter is turning weak and natural planet for luxury, marriage, love is Venus, which is very weak.

    I wrote most of the things, but, I feel You shall go for a paid service and may need to do few remedies .

    Astrologer Sourav.

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      Dear sourav sir pls tell me whether union with my husband possible.or divorce is there?.we are staying separately from 2years.will i join with one is interested in our relationship.except me sir.iam i truly love him sir.everyone is forcing me to take divorce bcoz he not even trying to joinwith dob-13/9/1985,time:10:22am;place-hyderabad.sir i will be waiting for your reply sir

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    dear sir,

    may i know if i getting married or not?
    when will i get married?
    for now..i am looking someone who can be may medical sponsor in abroad.
    is this come true? when will i go to abroad?
    in what age?

    pardon,im not good in english,pls,anser me directly..
    i accept if not..

    b-day: jan 26 1981
    time:4:30 am
    manila, philippines.

    salamat po.

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    Dear Anuji,

    Initial analysis shows that, Lord of domestic happiness, 4th house Lord Saturn is very weak. Natural Significator of Husband, Jupiter is also weak and Retrograde and debilitated, so , He is not getting back. However, there could be a reunion but married life will not remain happy due to his weak character, addictions and low responsibility.

    Your chart needs further study, You may have to apply Remedies for this purpose. (You have to be financially sufficient for applying Remedies). I don’t sell remedies, I just can guide You.

    So, You can contact me for further analysis,

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    Sourav sir
    My dob-13/9/1985

    Husband dob-26/11/1983

    Date of marriage-15/2/2015
    Will this marriage sustain sir or ends with divorce.
    Divorce case is going to file sir.

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    Dear Anu ji,

    It is not possible for me to answer any further free questions. Please contact me for further analysis,

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    Bharti Arora

    Dear saurav sir

    Please advice is there any possibility of mine of remarriage and any chance of settling abroad .

    Below are my details
    Name Bharti Arora
    Date of birth : 26.09.1982
    Place: Delhi
    Time: 00.01 a.m. (25 th midnight)

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    Dear Bharti Ji,

    I have already answered a question for free. Any further free queries can not be answered. Moreover, It takes lot of time to analyze. Please try to understand. Please come through paid consultation.

    Astrologer Sourav

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    Astro Jyoti


    Mars-Rahu (2016) and Mars-Jupiter(2017) are not good for marriage as both Rahu and Jupiter are placed in nakshatra of Rahu with combination for divorce and humiliation.

    Mars-Sat period from 19/2/2018 will be smoother from marriage pov and I don’t see second marriage as cuspal sublord of 7th house is neither Mer/Jup (even if we change time to +/-10 mins) nor placed in dual sign.

    Mars-Sun from 2022 onward shows good-chance of travel and Rahu mahadasha from 2022 is conducive for foreign settlement.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Bharathi arora
    As Astro Jyoti pointed out, there is no chance for second marriage. But there is no chance for settlement in abroad, you may go and return to India after a short time.
    You will go abroad between 07-12-2018 and 06-02-2019.
    Rahu maha dasa would be good.

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    Bharti Arora

    Pandit JVS Rao and jyoti ma’am thanks for the reply.It means I can never settle abroad .Kindly reply.Also I am searching for the job but everytime I got rejected for one readon or the other .

    Please reply ..

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