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    I read your articles in ‘My astrology signs”. I believe in vedic astrology. I trust god and culture. But my fate leads my marriage life to divorce. My age is 31 and I have a kid of 3 years old. For my security,I want to get remarry, but I was afraiding that “If the same bad experience I faced in 1st marriage will continue in 2nd marriage,then how could I tolerate it”. So,pls. check my chart and answer me,

    Will the remarriage life be happy?
    Will the (second)spouse will be a good human being?
    My DOB: 22.11.1980 9.50pm chennai female

    I am in search of job.I dont have money to get paid services.So,please answer me this time.

    Your reply is very important for me.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Mk,

    Thanks for visiting astrologymag and for your question.

    Please note that in your horoscope Ketu the planet for denial is in the 7th house , therefore it will deprive you from happy married life and also from marital happiness. You are not manglik in Lagan kundli but strong mangalik in Chander kundli. matching of the horoscope is a big must in your case, and probably it has been overlooked due to which you suffered badly in marriage earlier. You also have Kendrum dosha despite Moon in exaltaion because of which you will be lonely, sad and get into depression many times. Second marriage can be there although you will have to be ready for compromise on what you want, but proper matching should be done for long lasting relationship.
    Job chances are strong in the before February and you should certainly try for it. Doing the below remedies will truly help.

    1. Keep fast on Mondays.
    2. Recite Mantra OM Namaha Shaivaye 108 times daily.
    3. Wear Pearl in silver on your right hand little finger on Monday morning before 10 AM.

    You may read more about Mangal Dosha on my website


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thanx for ur reply sir,

    Is this remedies are for job or good marital life? The third remedy is it mean to wear silver ring with pearl only on mondays?


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    Please reply,

    Is there separate remedies for Mangalik in Chander kundli and Kendrum dosha or the above said remedies itself is enough.

    In which year and month will my remarriage happen?
    Will the current dasha will favour my remarriage?

    please reply sir.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Mk,

    You wear pearl lifelong and the above remedies are for job as well as remarriage. As Moon gets weak in Kendrum Dosha , like in your case you need to strengthen it with remedies. Wearing Pearl is one such good remedy. Remember that it should touch the skin for any benefits to pass into you. Recite Mantra ” Om Namaha Shivaye” is another very good remedy for improving the Moon.

    Certainly you will benefit by doing these remedies.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Dear sir,

    I will definitely do the remedies.

    As you told that I have Strong Mangalik in Chander Kundli,Should I marry a person who is having Mangalik Dosha? (since I’ve heard mangalik should marry a mangalik only,so I am asking this question)

    Also tell me if there are any remedies for ‘Strong Mangalik in Chander Kundli’.

    In which Year and Month will my remarriage happen?

    thank u sir.

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    Navneet Khanna

    The remedies for lagan or Chander mangal dosha are the same. You may read Hanuman Chalisa daily for benefits. Yes you should marry a Manglik person but surely get the horoscope matched for a happy married life. Chances of remarriage are very much in the Year 2015.

    God Bless,

    Navneet Khanna

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    Dear sir,

    Thanks for your reply.

    As per your advice,definitely I will go for horoscope match before marriage and will do the remedies.

    Will My horoscope tell what kind of Person will be my future spouse and something more about him. As the first marriage breaks out,Will the future marriage life will be peaceful.Can these things could be found by horoscope?

    Currently I am doing the following remedies for the past 2 months which I’ve heard from some magazine.Can I continue these remedies,Will it help me for happy marriage life?

    1. Fasting in Saturdays and sesame lamp before shani bagwan,ghee lamp before Hanuman,Ghee lamp before Ganesh.
    2. Ghee lamp before Durga in the Rahu period(between 4.30 to 6pm) on sundays.

    I read your articles and found it to be really useful. Pls.also bring ‘Horoscope Matching’ tag in your website,since I trust your readings.
    Thank u sir

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