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Marriage an

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    Farah Dubash

    I am going through the worst phase in life. I want to get married but not getting the right guy for the marriage . I have lost my job also . Pls guide me . When will I marry? And where would I possible stay after getting married ?

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    Farah Dubash

    Dob is 18 Nov 1993
    Tob is 10.37am
    Pob is Mumbai

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    Farah Dubash

    Awaiting reply . Pls help

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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    The second lord is 3rd house aspected by Mars and the 7th lord with 6th and Lagna lord and the 7th house aspected by the 8th lord and the 5th lord.
    Since you are running Rahu Dasha and Rahu Anterdasha and Rahu at the 12th house with mars and sun causing problems in life. You must have fallen love and disappointed with that. Further, you are in Sate sati period is in transit. You have chances of getting married in 2019

    You will have some relief from 2019.

    Pl worship Lord Hanuman on Saturday and Goddess Durga on Friday will give some relief

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