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Marriage and family problems

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    Senthil Kumar

    Dear Sir,
    Im doing business. Due to family problems i am living alone(near my house). Recently my father faced some problems(he was arrested for a crime which he dint commit). Because of that there is a lot of chaos in my family.I’m worried about it.When will all problems settle down? and also when will i get married?

    D.O.B: 6 may 1985.
    time: 10.30pm.
    place: Salem.

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    You will continue to have quite a lot of problems till 2019 certain. Thereafter the current crisis will be over. Still since your 12th house is very weak, you will have lot of wasteful expenditure, losses and some type of distresses. Read the significations of 12th house on the net and you will know which type of areas you will have problems in life. Your business and associated gains will be very good though. You will have no enemies, debts or major diseases and in those respects you will be well off. Marriage is indicated towards end 2017. Guard your feet well if you are driving two wheelers.

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