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Marriage Delay

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    Hello Sir

    1. Please let me know when I will get married & my would be husband working in Foreign country ?

    Date of Birth – 16th November 1982
    Time – 00 :16 am
    Place – Kota Rajasthan

    Thanks & Regards.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    YOur lagna is simha.
    Sukra planet shows how your marriage will turn out to be.
    Sukra is with neecha Moon.
    Already your marriage is delayed too much.
    Dont insist that the groom should be only from
    a foreign country.
    Please adjust with any Indian groom who is well settled.
    YOur parents cant verify his job particulars ,if
    you go for a person who is employed abroad.

    There is strong planetary negativity in your
    You have to do penance for 6months.
    It means that you have to do fast for one
    day in a week.
    On the day of fasting,you can eat uncooked
    After 2 months,you have to do fasting by taking
    only diluted lemon juice with honey.
    Modi and Mahatma Gandhi have become so great by frequently fasting
    for 2 or 3 days.

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    Hello Navneet Sir & TMR Sir ,

    Please Urgently Kindly reply on this as I didn’t get answer from the above reply that exactly when I am going to get married ?

    I am getting most of proposal from guys who are working in abroad so i asked whether he will be working in Abroad ?

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    As per astrology your question whether your husband will be working abroad cannot be answered using astrology since countries are man made and were not there when Astrology was originally advised by the sages. What best we can say is whether you will be doing long distance travels which could be within India itself anywhere far from Kota, your place of birth. Your passion for working / living in foreign countries is misplaced. Read my blog for more information.

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    Thanks for your reply TMR Sir ,

    My marriage is already delayed much & i am really worried now so could you please tell me when i will get married ,in 2017 is there possibility of getting married for me ?

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    To be frank with you, you are more of a spiritual person and it would be better to pursue your career and marital life will not be a bed of roses for you. Happiness in family life is very much deficient in your horoscope. You can read my blog to know how I have arrived at that conclusion.

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    TMR Sir Thank you so much

    But I wanted to know is there possibility of getting married in 2017 this year for me ?

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    There is little point in knowing possibility of marriage unless it is a good one enjoyable to you with an acceptable degree of marital happiness. If it is absent in your horoscope, you will have to get a compatible bridegroom who will be ready to put up with it and be satisfied with all incompatibilities and you will have to compromise a lot to survive the marriage. Do you really want it? Sorry to be blunt about it. I have more cases of incompatible marriage coming to me for consultation than agreeable ones. If you get a horoscope matching of say 90% or above as per my evaluation of compatibility, you might be able to survive your marriage.

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    Its ok Sir

    No need of sorry actually , but I am still single not yet married SO obviously so i would like to know is there possibility of getting married in 2017 ?


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    Its ok Sir

    No need of sorry actually , but I am still single not SO obviously so would like to know whether i will get my lifepartner in 2017 ?

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