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marriage for me?

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    Is there any hope that I will be married? I am female.
    August 13, 1980
    9:30 AM
    Grand Junction, CO, USA
    kanya lagna
    thank you in advance.

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    Do read “Definitions in Astrology” on my blog and you will know the answer to your question.

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    since no other responses, should I assume the answer is no?

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    Jangalapalli Venkata Subbarao

    Your marriage would be fixed in the period from Sep 2017 and performed within 11-03-2018. As Saturn is conjoined with Moon and aspecting 7th house, delays the matter.
    Saturn will not allow other planets to give the results. Hence in his sub or sub sub periods the marriage would be there.
    As 7th cusp sub lord is Jupiter in the star of Venus and sub of Jupiter. Venus is Sun star gives the bride groom a noble mentality. You also have the nature. Your marital happiness would be there. Children would be there in Rahu dasa Mars bhukti from 20-01-2019 to 08-02-2020.
    Good Luck
    JVS Rao

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    Jangalapalli Venkata Subbarao

    Saturn conjoined with Moon is called Punarphoo dosha. It gives postponements & repeated efforts in all. If you take the job, you will not get it in time. Another attempt should be there. If plan to go a movie, you can not go it or change the movie or time to see. It you want to join in a course, there would be a small change. In case of alliance, one will come upto a fixing level and miss. If you propose a boy, it will not materialize. You also postpone everything, unless you are forced to do. Saturn will not deny, but delay and give you success after postponements. Pls do get disappointment. God will filter & remove all evils and finally bestows you good, as mother gives castor oil and cleans the stomach.

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    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your prediction. However, in my chart, saturn is not with moon. My lagna is 3 deg 19′ in kanya and moon is in simha, so jupiter and moon are conjunct. My 7th CSL is Rahu.

    Could you please look again?
    thank you.

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    Jangalapalli Venkata Subbarao

    Dear Twinklestar,
    I have taken for Grand Junction, Colarado Longitude deg 108 33′ 2″ W and latitude deg 39 3′ 50″ N on the date 13-aug-1980 and time 09.30 AM. KP ayanamsa 23d 29m 18s. I cast this in KPStarone software.
    If 7th CSL is Rahu then go accordingly. I wish you all the best.
    JVS Rao

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    Yes, it sounds like the data is correct, but I am not sure why it is giving you the wrong planetary positions. Anyway, thank you for looking.

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