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marriage issue..guidance needed..urgent please

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    Respected sir.
    Please provide me with both gun and grah milan for the given kundlis.
    I have been told that boy has neech guru in 8th house which is the lord of 7th house so is there any harm or disease or unhappiness for the wife.?
    Please suggest the required remedy for blissful marriage.

    Boy details– Birth date- 10.11.1985
    Birth time- 21.40 HRS
    Birth place- AKOLA,MAHARASHTRA

    Girl details– Birth date- 13.11.1990
    Birth time-9.52 A.M.
    Birth place- NEW DELHI


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    To know the compatibility of two horoscopes, one has to do a scientific evaluation of both horoscopes and then matched as is illustrated in my articles on

    Kindly read them and if so desired you can come through Paid services for giving you an advice.

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    But sir can u please refer boy chart alone to atleast tell me if his wife will suffer any harm due to bad placement of jupiter ?
    For rest detailed matching i cn go for paid service

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    Sir kindly tell me for the boys chart analysis and tell me is there any harm to his wife amd is there successful marriage n when?


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    I have analysed the boy’s charts and find that his Jupiter is severely afflicted and this has led to his 7th house and 10th house being very weak and he is unlikely to have a good marital life and you will be well advised not to have an alliance with him if you believe in astrology.

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    Sir there is no remedy if we want to get married to each other because i have exalted jupiter so may be some remedy could bring blissful marriage to both of us???
    Please sir if u can help if possible??

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    To get a detailed compatibility report of both horoscopes you are welcome to come through Paid Services which will give the full details as is described in “Marriage failures-How Astrology can help” and then you can take a decision on the marriage knowing fully well the details of compatibility.

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    Thanx so much sir for the advice i l come through paid service then ….

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    Sir i have to opt for the detailed marriage report or do i hv to opt for marriage failure report???
    In which report do i get answer to my concerned queries ????

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    You will be the best judge after seeing the compatibility report. It is only a purely scientific method of checking compatibility of all houses. You can select the houses which you most look forward to and decide on your own.

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    Respected sir.
    In this report, are all the houses matching is involved so dt i can get d detailed analysis for our match because till now we were talking about the limited 7th house issues. May i be able to judge the possibility and success for our match by ds report???
    How much extensive n detailed report it wud be??
    Can u plz brief abt it so dt i cn go for it?

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    You are absolutely right. Why don’t you read my article “Astrology – A new version” and other articles. You will understand the match covers all houses compatibility apart from the net overall match and you can then decide. You can email me for samples. Email id is also in the articles.

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    Thanx sir
    i vl send u d email for the samples but soon wl go for paid services too as i wana decide in 1 month only

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