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Marriage life and career

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    Good morning sir,
    My dob: 4th February 1976, time 11:40am at vijayawada. I am in Venus mahadasha and seeking ups and downs in my career could you please tell me how this dasha will be for my career and married life and when will I purchase house currently iam in US will I settle down in US or India. Thanks

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    You are in Venus period from 07-04-2015. In the past Ketu period you might have faced the ups and downs such as changes in your profession, movements, financial pressures etc. But one suggestion is you have to correct yourself. You don’t get satisfaction in your achievements. Even you achieve what all you want you will aspire still more. That is good. But in financial matters, you should make wise decisions. You will be impulsive in your actions and make sudden expenditure. Once you parted money you can not get back.
    Venus period: Venus is in 9th house. Venus is in own star and sub of Mars lord of 2nd and 8th. Mars is in Moon star and moon in 11th. Venus is conjoined with Mercury lord of 3rd and 6th. Mercury is in Sun star and sun in 10th. Hence in this period there would be movements in your service. If you have taken agency or contracts, you will gain.
    As your 12th cusp sublord Rahu is in the star of Jupiter in 12th and sub of Mercury in 9th and Mercury in star of Sun in 10th. Hence you will not settle in abroad.
    You will purchase a beautiful house between 06-04-2021 and 06-06-2022.
    Good Luck

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