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Marriage of mine

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    Surojit Dey

    I would like to know at what age I will get married or In which period ? Love or Arrange marriage?
    My DOB: 14/3/1992 , TOB: 9:45AM , Place : ARAMBAGH , WEST BENGAL

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    2027/2028 would be a possible period during which time there will hardly be an arranged marriage.

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    Surojit Dey

    2027/2028 would be long time , at that time my age will be 36-37 , How this is possible ? You mean I have a chance of love marriage

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    You will have a legally valid marriage where both you and your bride will have to sign in front of a competent authority. Since dowry would be illegal and it will be implemented strictly, there is no meaning for an arranged marriage, barat and following dinner etc. wasting money which will be in short supply in those times.

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    Surojit Dey

    But you said , my period of marriage is 2027/2028 , at that time my age will be 36-37 , How this is possible ? I wanted to know at what age I would get married. Please clarify about this.

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    I can only give you my evaluation of your horoscope and may be your time of birth is not very accurate. If you want the full details you can come through Paid consultation after reading my blog Navagraha Astrology online

    Sorry we cannot change our observations to suit your convenience. Perhaps that is your destiny. Or you may get married and it may not last for more than a few months.

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    Surojit Dey

    I don’t think I have mangalik . Mangalik generally cause delay in Marriage. Sir , Would you please recheck it ? Dob: 14/03/1992 , time 9:45 Am , Place: Arambagh , West Bengal

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    It is not only Manglik causing delay in marriage. Each planet has a strength and nature depending upon its placement, lordship and aspects in the horoscope. Currently you are having Saturn Mahadasa and from 2018 onward Mercury Mahadasa starts. Have a look at the strengths and nature of your planets.

    Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net Strength

    Sun 42.66 59.95 21.29 18.76 Benefic 34.66
    Moon 6.34 67.43 32.57 0.00 Benefic 6.34
    Mars 5.06 47.88 9.03 43.08 Benefic 2.88
    Mercury 63.07 8.73 54.02 37.24 Malefic 39.58
    Jupiter 100.00 85.03 9.68 5.29 Benefic 94.71
    Venus 90.32 40.47 35.49 24.05 Benefic 68.60
    Saturn 48.17 32.72 49.00 18.29 Malefic 39.36
    Rahu 100.00 85.03 9.68 5.29 Benefic 94.71
    Kethu 92.02 8.73 54.02 37.24 Malefic 57.75

    Net 63.11 48.44 30.53 21.03 Benefic 49.84

    Your Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are having poor net strengths and during their influence marriages will not be successful. Jupiter and Venus are the only good planets in your horoscope and I think a successful marriage will result only during Mercury Mahadasa Rahu antardasa (quite potent with 95% strength and a benefic) which happens only in 2027/2028.

    You can get married any time, but it will be only sexual union and will not last. A lasting marriage, if that is what you are looking for will happen only when conditions are favourable.

    Or you can think that Astrology is all bull and you can get married any time the fixing of which will be done by any wayside astrologer if you grease his palms well.

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