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Marriage or higher studies

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    My daughter swetha was born on 16/7/1995 at 3.40 am place is Chennai

    She has completed her graduation in IT in jan 2018 by finishing in arrears . She studied engineering out of our compulsion . Now when we are planning for her marriage she says she wants to pursue higher studies in journalism in CANADA .

    Please advise. We are confused. Will she study further ?
    When is the right time for her marriage?

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    Her marital life will be quite weak. Getting some employment is possible before mid 2019. So allow her to have some skill development so that she can stand on her own legs. If you are keen on having the scientific evaluation of her horoscope read my blog and come through Paid Conusultation.

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    Hello madam

    Her marriage house has Jupiter retro- who is 8th lord( who will have differing opinion than your daughter)as jupiter is 8th lord for her lagan. Being retro

    Jupiter can give husband who will be caring and at same time take smart, over ambitious and creative. There can be differences it his outlook of life compared to his spouse . How ever he will easy going person.

    Her married life will be good .yet she will have to adjust to her husband.
    her lagan lord venus is placed in 2nd house along with mercury and sun….she will earn her livelihood though public relations profession.

    Saturn- 10th lord being in watery sign , and Jupiter too being in 7th house in watery sign do indicate overseas profession.

    Rahu and ketu being strong in 6/12 axis will give her overseas profession. She

    can also have job during between june 2018 and may 2019

    Suitable period for marriage would be from july 2018 till – year end of 2019. Better to get her married and then she can pursue her livelihood of higher education after marriage.


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