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Marriage possibility

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    Sir I want to marry a girl but she is non manglik.Plz tell me is there any solution for having successful marriage life with her.My dob-17th aug 1992.Birth time-20.29pm Birth place-Ara(Bihar)

    Girl’s detail- Dob-26th dec 1993. Birth time-00.33. Birth place-ulhasnagar(Maharashtra)

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    Navneet Khanna

    The guna milan score is 14 out of 36, which is much less than 18 that is minimum for getting married. There is Antya Nadi dosha and also Gana dosha as the girl belongs to Rakshasa Gana.

    Regarding mangal dosha we see that Mangal dosha gets cancelled as Mars is combust. However marriage should be done after proper matching of the horoscopes and making sure Gana and Nadi dosha get cancelled.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Read my blog article “Astrology – A New Version” to see a different method of checking compatibility of horoscope and also read the link contained in the article regarding marriage failures.

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    Neelam Mishra

    Namaste Navneet Ji,
    Sir my parents are really getting very anxious about my marriage. I am also worried because of them. Please tell me if I would be able to get a good husband of proper status. My date of birth 24 march 1991. Time – 11: 54 am. Place – Allahabad, UP. whether marriage is there in my life or not this is foremost question. Sir please answer.

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    Read my blog

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    Neelam Mishra

    Namaste TMR sir, pranaam,
    Sir I read your blog .I understood vaguely that astrology does not accurately predict everything.It just gives a blueprint which can manifest itself in anyway. Bur sir please just give me a rough idea about my question. And also pray that it should manifest in a good way. Please sir just give a rough idea.

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