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Marriage prediction

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    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone would could look at my chart and see if there is any possibility of marriage and children. I was born 24.11.1980 in Baden Austria time: 5:26 AM. Thank you!

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    You will get married in January 2018 and there are very feeble chances for children too. It may be in October, November 2018. Hoping for the best.
    Good Luck
    JVS Rao

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    Thank you so much for answering me. ☺ What transits are happening in January 2018 if I may ask? And can you tell me anything about Saturn mahadasha? I think I am in that period now,am I correct? Thank You so much!

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    Thank you for your immediate response. As you said, you are running Saturn period from 19-11-2015 and are in Saturn Bhukti upto 22-11-2018.
    In your chart Saturn (lord of 4th) is in 11th house conjoined with Jupiter lord of 3rd, 5th and 6th houses. Saturn is aspecting 4th house with sesquiquadrate aspect which is mild evil(your domestic life will be disturbed). Even though Saturn is in 11th house, for marriage 3rd house (your proposal), 5th house (your deep interest), 6th house (other parties will slide away from your proposal) significations will take place.
    Saturn is in Moon star and Moon is in 8th. Hence Saturn significations are 8,11,4. Result is sudden gains would be there. If you enter into a partnership you will lose the money to the benefit of the partners.
    In Rahu period, the marriage proposals might have come. Rahu signifies 1st, 9th, 12th 8th. Rahu receiving aspect from 7th lord Mars.
    In Jupiter period as 6th and 11th operated there might be the disturbances.
    I have picked up Saturn-Saturn-Mars because Saturn transits over Natal Mars(7th lord in 2nd house). Mars(2nd and 7th) and Jupiter (6th,3rd and 11th) transit in Jupiter star. Rahu transits in Mercury star in Moon sign (2nd and 7th significator sign). Remaining planets also agree for marriage. There are other factors also. This is exhaustive.
    JVS Rao

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    Thank you Sir for your explanation. It was very deep and helpfull! Thank you again for your time and knowledge! Wish you all the best!

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    Shree niwasni

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