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Marriage prediction

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    Due to rahu in 7th house many astrologers are saying that you will have late marriage and problems in married life, even husband will not be good….is it true??? When is the possibility of marriage taking place
    DOB -19 Aug 1995
    Place- pune, Maharashtra

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Please check up the time you have given. On 19-08-1995 11AM Rahu is in 12th not in 7th. If it is 11PM Rahu would be in 6th. If you confirm the time, then predictions can be offered.

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      DOB -19 aug 1995
      Time – 11am
      Place – pune Maharashtra
      Moon sign – Vrishabha
      Nakshatra – rohini

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    Yes, your 7th house is the weakest indicating an unhappy or no marriage and it is possible that you are quite short tempered too. Your house of gains is very powerful and you will make a lot of money though not with much inheritance. You are a very good career woman. For more details come through Paid consultation after reading my blog

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      I am running through rahu mahadasha now but if marriage is done after rahu Dasha I.e. after 2027 in Jupiter Dasha then also there would be problems in married life??? And how would be Jupiter Dasha for me in terms of marriage and career….is it good or not???

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    You can come through Paid consultation if you have too many questions and doubts like the above.

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