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Marriage problem

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    Hello Sir,

    Hope you are doing well. This is Chethan here. Whatever you had mentioned in the marriage artile is very true. As per my marriage date my no is 5/8. I got married 2.8 years back. Got separated for almost 2.4 years. I have a baby boy of 1.9 years. She had done all the kind of damage one can do for a family. My wife and in-laws sent gunda’s/rowdies as well. In this suffer, I lost my dad also on 02-Nov-2014. I still have a guilty that, may be my marriage made my dad to die sooner. Anyway now I had applied for divorce on 23-April-2015 in my place. The moment I applied for divorce she had put a complaint in women police station and also went to women association, luckily for god grace nothing happened. They threaten us everytime when we encounter. After that she had applied case for conjugal rights on her location on Sept-2015 seeking for husband. Till now nothing had happened, just time is moving. I have a paralyzed mom also who is more suffering more than us from this pain. We dont have anyone in between to communicate and I am not ready to accept her back. She is bit of psychic in nature, dont know what she wants.. Here I am giving my marriage date, dob of the both the person also other necessary dates. Please go through the same and let me know when will I be out of this and what needs to be done so that soon we will out of this trauma. I had faced so many problem in my life please also talk few lines about my future days.

    DOB of myself (CHETHAN)
    21-10-1983 mid night 12:30 (not sure will it fall on 22nd)

    Dob of my wife (ASHWINI)
    15-04-1986 Ardra nakshatra Mithuna/Gemini

    MARRIAGE date

    Baby birth date
    18-June-2014 ( 11 to 12 in the night)

    My dad’s death date
    02-Nov-2014 early morning 5:15

    Divorce application date

    Please do the needful as early as possible.

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    Your problems cannot be solved by astrology. You did not get a proper matching done before marriage which has led to all these problems. Now there is little use crying over spilled milk. Recite Narayanakavacham and Rudrageetham daily as many times as you can. Perhaps God will show you the way.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    You have not mentioned place of birth.It is necessary.
    I took it as Chennai.
    Your lagna is Kataka,if Chennai birth place is correct.
    Sun is neecha.Sukra is neecha in amsa.
    Chandra period started in May 2015.
    2nd house contains sukra and Kuja.Sukra is neecha
    in amsa.
    Sani is exalted in 4th house.Ravi is neecha in 4th
    house.Sani is seeing lagna.It is very bad.
    Sani and Sukra are negative in your horoscope.
    The suffering in your marriage are due to
    big negativity in your horoscope.
    You have to do penance for one year to
    reduce negatiivy of your past life.

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