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Marriage Queries

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    Could you please guide me on my marriage prospects, time line and about my husband/in-laws?

    Oct 3, 1987; 9:00AM
    Sydney, Australia

    Thanks for your efforts 🙂

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    Your marital house is of just above average potency and marriage could take place in your 32nd year. The accuracy of this is dependent on the correct time of birth. Are you a person with no self confidence, a pessimist and having stomach problems? You will be very rich in life and money will be of no problem to you. Are you well employed too? If your time of birth is correct the above observations will hold good. Read my blog for more insight into Astrology.

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      I was on path of high education but it broke for some reason and kinda confused with my career right now and currently unemployed. Is current time could be a potential marriage period? I met someone really nice but I’m confused with my future. I’m not extrovert for sure. Will I be rich due to spouse or on my own?

      Thank you.

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    If you can come through paid services, I can give you the scientific evaluation of your horoscope as is given in my blog which will enlighten you on your life.

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      Could you send me link for purchase option in regards to my query?

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    Go to the menu “Paid Astrology Services” and select the preferred astrologer and you will be directed to the website.

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      “SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF HOROSCOPE” << Is this the right option for my query? Please guide me so I can continue with it.

      Thank you! 🙂

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