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marriage related

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    Hello sir.
    Do i have a chance of my marriage getting fixed this year or is it later ? If yes, do i have a love marriage ?
    dob: 24.09.1987
    Time: 7.30am
    Place: Patna

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash


    You will get married before the first half of 2018.Also there are high chances for inter caste marriage or you could marry a foreigner.
    Your 7th house is afflicted by Rahu and is aspected by Sun and you Venus is combust too.Yout 7th Lord Jupiter is also in the 8th house you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a good married life.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Akash.

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    Dear Divya Ji,
    I have confusion regarding Your Lagna.
    I have got Libra Ascendant (1’03”). and Virgo Moon sign.
    There are couple of Afflictions and Weakness in Your Birth Chart.
    Jupiter, being the 6th House lord is in 7th House and closely afflicting Your 7th house. 6th house stands for debts, disease and enemies. Venus being the Ascendant Lord and 8th Lord, which also governs marital tie is combust and in 12th House and is quite weak due to bad placement and combustion by Lord Sun. Mars, being the 7th Lord is placed in 11th House of gains, social circle and it has mutual aspect with Saturn.
    So, You shall have a Love Marriage only.

    Present Mahadasha is Jupiter only, Jupiter is natural significator of Husband.
    You shall get married in first quarter of 2018.
    Married Life shall be troublesome.

    For paid consultation,

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    I had realtionships before but they doesnt work. As of now i dont have anyone in life. parents are searching guy for me. So love marriage i dont think so possible.

    Please give idea of husband qualities and how he will be if possible.

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