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marriage time prediction

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    Naresh kalra

    Guruji, my name is naresh kalra . Birth details are
    d.o.b. 24/10/1982
    T.o.b. 9:05 am

    I Want to know sec. Marriage chance for me i got divorce from previous one n now i m facing finincial crises also , wen it will b improve plz tell m .

    Regards, naresh.


    Dear A.H,

    Let us wait till Aug 2015 and see whether the marriage take place. We will investigate if further then. Possibly your time of birth could be inaccurate.


    Dear Naresh,

    If you are once married, your marriage has taken place. As per Astrology you are a married man. Going in for a second marriage is nothing new as far as marriage is concerned. The reason why you are led to a second one is because you were incapable of keeping one possibly due to incompatibility with the spouse which you should have checked before marriage. Astrology can only see marriage as the first time it happens which has already happened. Wayside astrologers might predict you will have second/third marriages for their own livelihood. Do read my articles on “Definitions in Astrology” on

    Generally your horoscope is a weak one. Your 1st, 3rd, 4th, 9th and 12th houses are very weak. Marital house has a minimal strength. A second marriage is not going to bring you any more happiness. Your financial condition will improve in due course since your 2nd and 11th house which represents finances are not that weak and it only is undergoing some fluctuations.

    Once you read all my articles, you will get a better picture on how astrology can help you.



    Hello Sir,
    PFB my birth details:
    Date of Birth: 05.03.1987
    Time of Birth : 07:40pm
    Place of birth: Delhi

    Kindly let me know when would I be probably getting married. Iam in a great dilemma and tension.


    You are likely to get married before Jan 2016 and that too with a person who is very familiar to you. A bit of a delay in getting married should not cause you so much of dilemma or depression. Marriage is a not a bed of roses to be coveted for so eagerly. I presume you have other reasons for your dilemma and tension. Take life with a smile. Your life is an assignment from God and He will guide you always in doing what He intends to make you do. Read my articles on and you will get a good insight into life as a whole.


    Vikas Kumar


    Please help to know about my marriage time prediction.

    Name – Vikas Kumar
    DOB & Time – 02 Nov 1987 , 6:04 AM
    Birth Place : Dhampur (UP) India

    Vikas Kumar


    We can answer only one question free. For supplementary questions, you have to come through premium services as we have to recalculate all what we had done earlier once over again.


    Suz Perera

    Dear Sir,
    my details are as follows, can you please predict when i will get married,
    Name – Suzanne Perera
    DOB – 25th April 1987
    Time of birth – 20:01
    Location – Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Await your kind reply
    Thank you so much sir

Viewing 8 posts - 17 through 24 (of 75 total)

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