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marriage time prediction

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    You are likely to get married before Jan 2016 and that too with a person who is very familiar to you. A bit of a delay in getting married should not cause you so much of dilemma or depression. Marriage is a not a bed of roses to be coveted for so eagerly. I presume you have other reasons for your dilemma and tension. Take life with a smile. Your life is an assignment from God and He will guide you always in doing what He intends to make you do. Read my articles on and you will get a good insight into life as a whole.


    Vikas Kumar


    Please help to know about my marriage time prediction.

    Name – Vikas Kumar
    DOB & Time – 02 Nov 1987 , 6:04 AM
    Birth Place : Dhampur (UP) India

    Vikas Kumar


    We can answer only one question free. For supplementary questions, you have to come through premium services as we have to recalculate all what we had done earlier once over again.


    Suz Perera

    Dear Sir,
    my details are as follows, can you please predict when i will get married,
    Name – Suzanne Perera
    DOB – 25th April 1987
    Time of birth – 20:01
    Location – Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Await your kind reply
    Thank you so much sir


    You have a wonderful lucky horoscope and your Career will rise to its pinnacle. However you will get married only in or around 2018. You will be spiritually well inclined. Can u let us know what is your present line of career. Read my articles on

    You have a fairly potent Venus which will make you one who will entertain people around you. Your Venus periods starts in 2018.



    Dob 17/12/1987
    Time 22:10..
    Place new delhi india ..
    male .
    sur plz predict hw wuld be my wife nd married life love or arrange ..
    ..any upay plz


    Around July 2015 to Sept 2015, you can expect marriage. Your marital house 7th, 4th house mental happiness and 9th house of Luck are the weakest in your horoscope. There are no workable upays except praying to God daily to give you all these with total dedication. Your Mars and Saturn are not very potent.



    Thank you soo much for the reply 🙂 …
    If its god wish so be it 🙂



    Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for your kind reply

    Im currently working for a family business in the management.

    Some people said marriage will happen after 2014 december and some said in 2017-2018 (horoscope readers from Sri Lanka told )

    I just wanted to get your opinion as well….thanks a lot….i will contact you later to get paid readings for other family members as well…

    thanks again…



    Hello Guruji,
    My DOB 3/05/1981
    Time 5.20 AM
    Place Tamluk , west Bengal
    every time some problem crops up in my marriage so got cancelled . Am I ever going to get married ?

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 75 total)

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