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marriage time prediction

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    amit mishra

    My name is amit mishra
    Dob 24-04-1993
    Tume 8:45 pm
    Place varanasi


    Navneet Khanna

    Hi Amit,

    Chances of love marriage are very much in your horoscope, you have Venus lord of 7th lord in 5th house exalted and conjoined with Mercury. However as debilitated Ketu is posited in the 7th house, matching of the horoscope should be done for marital happiness. Marriage is after the 25th year of birth.


    Navneet Khanna


    Myat Pwint Phyu

    Please kindly let me know when I will getarried and appearance of my future husband (like well-built or skinny or fat,tall or short ,same race like me or not)
    DOB-May 4,1995
    Time-5:40 am


    You are only 19+ and it is too early to think about marriage. Concentrate on your education and try to first get settled and be financially independent.

    Read to get a better understanding of Astrology.




    Can you please let me know on my marriage prediction? When will i get married? Thank you. GBU

    Date of birth : 30 July 1986
    Place of Birth : Ipoh, Perak
    Time of Birth : 2.30am


    Navneet Khanna

    Hi Geena,

    In Your horoscope you have three malefic posited around and in the 7th house which is the prime house for marriage and married life. You have Saturn posited in the 7th house leading to delay in marriage. Ketu or the south Node of Moon is in the 6th and Mars is in the 8th house forming the Pap Katri Yoga. You are also a strong Manglik person. Marriage yoga is going on and there is a delay but not denial. Your efforts would certainly bring positive results during this period. However I suggest that you match your horoscope properly for a happy married life, due to the affliction in your chart. You may do the Mangal dosha remedies and Maa Bhagwati Puja for Marriage.


    Navneet Khanna



    Hello sir,
    My dob 19 january 2000
    Time 22:00
    Place of birth chandigarh
    I want to ask about my studies and also my social life.
    It will really help me sir…
    Thank you



    Dear astrologer,
    My name is Deepthi
    D.o.b 5-5-1991
    T.o.b 3.55 a.m
    P.o.b srikakulam (andhra pradesh)
    Please let me know when I’m going to be married.


    The lord of the 7th house Mercury is the weakest planet in your horoscope and that is what is causing the delay in marriage. You are more of a Career person than a housewife. You will do well in career as per your charts.



    Thank you
    That’s fine sir.
    But even I haven’t started my career life
    So please say firstly about my marriage ..
    Thanking you
    Looking forward..

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 75 total)

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