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    Im concerned about my wife’s character. She is very friendly and smart. But I dont like the way she talks and behaves with my friends. Is it just her nature or should I be vigilant about her getting into extramarital affairs. her date of birth is 22/01/1990, 09.50am, kollam, kerala. Please help.

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    These days both men and women have their own identity and personality. You cannot dictate the ways your wife should adopt and neither she can insist on how you should behave. It is a matter of give and take. Regarding extra marital affairs there is not a single soul in this world who does not at least mentally undress a person of the opposite sex. It is the law of nature. Read the epics and even Lord Shiv also succumbed to such carnal desires.

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    Tmr sir,

    I used to follow your post from a long time.
    Many times your replies gave me an unexpected big smile even when i was surrounded with many problems in my life.

    It was a par as well.

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    Depends how prurient and affectionate she is with others in contrast to with you. Try not to be insecure but I think you should address your concern with her directly.

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    Dear Sir,

    I am concerned about my brother’s marriage. His date of birth is 24.08.1982 at 01.10 AM, New Delhi. Please let me know the reason of delay in marriage and when he will get married.

    Thanks & regards

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    The weakest house in his horoscope is the 7th house indicative of marital bliss. Not only that he has a Pravarjya yoga and a Kalasarpa Yoga too where all the planets are sandwiched in between Rahu and Kethu. It is better that he remains unmarried since he will not enjoy marital life.

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