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Married Life

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    Marriage Top Urgent

    Hello Sir,

    I asked a question abt my married life a month back and regret to inform u that what TMRsir predicted abt my married life isn’t true. You said I will have a miserable married life but I am leading a very happy married life. I got married on 26th of May and got all the Pooja etc done. So…just thought of letting you know

    DOB : 21 Aug 1983
Time : 6:40 am
Place : Bihar UP


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    Married life is not for one month, it lasts a whole life. Give your comments after a few years. Astrology is not like antibiotics where you will know the result immediately. And it is also possible that your time of birth could be wrong. Anyway thanks for the feedback, though it is a bit premature.

    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous married life. My evaluation was based on the following strength of planets.

    Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net Strength

    Sun 61.83 50.15 22.12 27.73 Benefic 44.68
    Moon 54.02 54.25 25.68 20.07 Benefic 43.18
    Mars 91.65 13.60 73.79 12.61 Malefic 80.10
    Mercury 17.14 78.97 11.58 9.46 Benefic 15.52
    Jupiter 64.85 42.17 50.56 7.27 Malefic 60.14
    Venus 100.00 50.48 7.83 41.68 Benefic 58.32
    Saturn 47.94 55.37 21.73 22.91 Benefic 36.96
    Rahu 3.17 50.48 7.83 41.68 Benefic 1.85
    Kethu 3.03 78.97 11.58 9.46 Benefic 2.74

    Net 52.47 52.71 25.86 21.43 Benefic 41.22

    You are currently running Rahu Mahadasa till 2020.

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    Sorry sir…I m unsure of the planet position etc that you have mentioned above but my birth details I mentioned are absolutely correct.

    I would surely wait to see what future holds. But Like I said, we did all the necessary Pooja before marriage so I am 100% sure of my future.

    Thanks !

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    Having confidence in our deeds is the best remedy for all actions and inaction in life. Best of luck.

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