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Married lyf

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    I want to know how will be my married life..when will i get will be my spouse

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    You will get married towards end 2019 or early 2020. Marital life is not all that good due to poor strength of related planets. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology online

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    But sun and mercury are friendly planet in 7th house..both are having positive impact thereby showing disciplined and intelligent,good nature wife and happy marriage..sir please elaborate is my marriage not good??

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    Dear Ankur,

    Lord Sun being the 7th Lord and Lord Venus And Lord Jupiter is extremely weak. So, marital happiness is a tough thing for You. Even Marriage may not take place. However, I don’t feel You will get married in next few years. I have clients who are 43 and not yet married. You are one of the same case. However, You and Your Spouse(If it happens), likely to have same character as both of You would be attracted to other persons or may have history of many sexual relationship.

    However, Your career seems to be great if You try.

    Astrologer Sourav.
    For detailed Analysis,

    You need to Avail my paid Consultation,

    Please don’t ask me for any further free questions.

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