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Mars in Gemini in horoscope

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    Suman dey

    Some Astrologer said Mars in gemini
    Is bad
    Some said good and bad
    Some said don’t take red coral
    Some Astrologer said you can take
    Please tell me it’s good or bad???

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    Navneet Khanna

    You are asking a great question, however it is always better if you put your birth details as well so that experts can check if Red coral is recommended. Generally speaking, it is not that if Mars is in Gemini Red coral cannot be worn. It is the nature of Mars that needs to be checked. If Mars is benefic or malefic. If Mars is benefic then Red Coral can always be worn.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Suman dey

    Sir my Kunduli Lentgh is 20feets
    I couldn’t find my birth time
    .I am not joking . really sir.
    There is two chart
    1 is written Lagna chart
    2is Navanso chart
    1st chart is cancer lagna
    There is blank house
    2nd is ketu 8 3rd is blank
    4th is balnk 5th is Chandrama 3
    6is Shani19
    7th blank
    8th rahu8
    9th blank
    10 Budha Ravi Sukhra
    Nabangso chart
    Lagna Vrischika and previous House
    Means 12 Shani mangal
    2015 Budha Chandrama
    2017 Budha mangal
    2020 Budha rahu
    2022 Budha Brihospoti
    2026budha Shani
    Sir 2015 after December I am fall
    On the top hill
    And it’s continue today
    I lost buisnes also job
    I lost my Money
    I lost status
    I lost relation
    I lost friends
    Everything I lost
    Know I think There is no hope
    Life always hope but not for me
    But one thing good in my life
    I am argument winner

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    Suman dey

    Sir if I am not guilty I am fight
    Everyone but not physically.
    Sir I have fully confidence if I am not
    Guilty from my site,don’t need to take
    Any lawer for judicial matter.
    Sir can’t understand where is fault in my Kunduli

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    Please read my blog which will give you a good insight into astrology.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Suman Dey
    Can you give your place of birth. As per the data you have given, the date falls on 23rd April 1989 and time is around 11.38 AM. The place would be in West bengal.

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