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Moon in eighth house in virgo lagna

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    Hello /namakaar,

    I am afraid and very afraid of the moon that is in my babys kundli. Dasha is starting from 2017.If remedy can be siggested to ward off its evil effects. Also what needs to be done so as to get benefits for the child

    dob:9-12-2000,1:50 AM, New Delhi

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    Moon is a powerful benefic in your baby’s horoscope with a residential strength of 72% and having a Good/Bad ratio of 62.1/7.65 which is very good and you have nothing to worry about your baby with a net strength of about 50% for the horoscope.

    On account of Moon in the 8th house there will be absolutely no evil effects at all. Only two houses are weak in the horoscope, 6th and 12th houses. Yes there could be some stomach problems and related botheration and certain amount of wasteful expenditures in the latter part of the life.

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    Thankyou, you relieved me half of the burden. Please also suggest remedies for 6th nd 12tg house. What planets are bad there?

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    You will have to come through paid services when you will get the full information by email as illustrated in my blog.

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