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Music as career

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    Dob 13/6/2000 time 8.35 am morning place chennai

    Rohith wants to make Carnatic music vocal as career. He has been regularly participating in Sabah competition and winning prizes.has been learning sincerely and working hard for the last 10 years. Does his jadagam support his idea. He is planning to study C A along with music as profession. Please guide

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    His horoscope well supports proficiency in music particularly in spiritual music like the one of type Thyagaraja and alike. He will earn well too in his career. He will be spiritually well enlightened and may not have a good family life. His 7th and 8th houses are weak. Urinary tract/Genital problems are possible. Be guarded on that count. His Mercury has near zero residential strength and any job where Mathematics, logic and dealing with figures will be unsuitable to him. Read my blog for some insight into astrology.

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    Thank you sir for your guidance. Can I have satisji’s analysis

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