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My brother is missing please help

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    Name:NITIN Woocheet
    Date of birth: 15th July 1989
    Time of birth:0245
    Place of birth: quatre bornes, mauritius

    My brother has been missing for the past two weeks now from Portsmouth on the 17th of March . We are searching everywhere but cannot find him. We are worried by each day. We really need some answers. Please help us.

    Please give us some answers


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    Your brother had started his sub period of Jupiter in Kethu Mahadasa on 17th March 2016. And this sub period is extremely good for him. Nothing will happen to him and you will hear from him soon (before May 2nd, 2016) as to his whereabouts and well being. Is it possible that he has got a job or something and he has left the place of his usual residence?

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    Thank you for replying.

    We are all very worried because this completely not like him.

    We are a very close family and he would always tell us where is and what he is doing.

    The police are worried that he has left us but we have faith and hope that we will find him. Please help us find him.

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    His time running is good and I am sure he will not land himself in any trouble. In my younger days 55 years before I also left my home and got back to my parents at home only after about 1 year later after I got a good job and be on my own. These sort of things do happen once in a while. God is there to protect all of us.

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    The problem is that he has a very good job. A house and a very loving family. He would never not tell us.

    My parents can’t live in this worry and day by day they are feeling worse.

    But you are sure he will come back to us?? We won’t be able to live without him. Please help us.

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    Please reply sir

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    In fact this question whether he will come back or not is to be done using horary or electional astrology as is detailed out in my article on my blog Either you contact an astrologer in person or do as I have written in the article. What I had written about him is based on his birth time and not very specific to this missing incident.

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    We don’t know any astrologer here. Would you be able to do it for us??

    Please or give us some guidance as to what to do.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Please as the days are going we are getting more and more worried and anxious.

    Thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 15 total)
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