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My ex-Virgo BF driving me crazzy! everyone HELP

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    Hi there,
    i am a Libra Girl born on October the first 1991 at 7:30 am
    my ex boy friend is a Virgo male born on September the forth 1985

    we dated a year and a half ago for 6 months, there was this really weird and beautiful chemistry between us, although we argued 6 times, i even saw him cry twice and he yelled at me,and after each argument we were in silent treatment for a week no texts no calls just he suddenly showed up and everything just started like nothing ever happened! it was like a nightmare.but we loved each other so much i can’t explain.

    we broke up after 6 months. the break up was hell i even made him jealous by posting pictures that would kill him and he couldn’t stand it so he blocked me !! we contacted after 5 months again and met each other once, he kept contacting me on face book i deactivated so he won’t hurt me emotionally by talking to me all night and telling me how much he missed me physically. after that he contacted by SMS but never serious about being in a relationship or i didn’t sense it. i couldn’t understand of he wants me back or he just wants s*x i got sick of him not being clear ,so i told him : “that i can’t sleep with u i love my body and my body is holly to me, i will never sleep with some one whom i don’t have a deep relationship with.if u want me man up and be in my life like before. ” he was all positive and agreed with me but then he didn’t take a step even close to what i said, so i lost hope and gave his chance to some one else. but he kept texting and i didn’t pay much attention.and after 3 weeks he made up his mind and asked me out which was very late i rejected him. i ignored his messages and calls for about 10 months! i broke up from my relationship and and now he is back again messaging me and we met too.

    but still i felt the distance he was keeping from me so i talked to him very calmly that ” i have changed a lot and what u saw before won’t happened again.i assured him that this time will be different” blah blah blah the conversation seemed very positive he even asked me what did i do wrong before that ruined the relation?

    he didn’t give me an answer at that time and said i need to think !after 4 days he text-ed again like nothing is going on asking about my university troubles and stuff like that.i asked him very calmly that did u think about us and told him this time if ur answer is no i will surely disappear for ever.which he reacted with sadness that:” nooo i don’t want u too leave. don’t disappear” he didn’t give me a straight answer again but he acted all good .but i’m still not sure about him
    what should i do ? his birthday i near and i don’t know how to react~~~~

    thank you for paying attention
    waiting for you tips and helps

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    Navneet Khanna

    As you are Libra and he is Virgo, this is what is called a 2/12 relationship. It is a great casual relationship, something that you have on the side but certainly not a serious and long lasting one. Libra is ruled by Venus while Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Although astrologically they are friends and will have attraction and at times find each other with lot of similarities, which may be taken as a great compatibility. But this is a relationship of two extreme characters. Inherently this is a relationship with two very strong and different personalities. Librans or Venus natives are always full of romance, emotions, true love, they think from the heart. While Virgo or Mercury natives think from the mind, they tend to be highly calculative, logical and first see what they get in whatever they do. They do something only when they know there is something in it for them. That is why they are not sentimental like Librans about anything. You can continue with the relationship if you are not seriously committed, but for serious relationship this match is not auspicious.

    Navneet Khanna

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