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My life became a hell right from the start of Rahu mahadasa.. Please help me..

Home Forums Astrology Forum for Free Horoscope Reading and Predictions My life became a hell right from the start of Rahu mahadasa.. Please help me..

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    Santosh Kumar

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Santosh Kumar. I’m a multi talented, an intelligent and wise person. Everyone who knows me say that I have the qualities and great knowledge, which can make me a great person in future. But, My knowledge and gifted talents came with a price. Luck never favored me and my knowlege, skills and everything becomes feeble in front of my badluck. I’m going through Rahu mahadasa, where I lost my parental property in 2002, failed to get good education, suffered loss in business in 2012, suffering with relationship problems. I feel like committing suicide. Because it would be a permanent solution for my life. Please find my details as below and help me sir.

    Santosh Kumar
    Date of Birth: 31/10/1986
    Time of Birth: 8:25 AM
    Place : Hyderabad, India

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    Helping for what. To commit suicide?!!, perhaps you can go to Osmansagar and jump into it so that you can have some water to drink before drowning.

    Your description of yourselves totally mismatches with your thoughts. Yes Rahu and Kethu are the worst planets in your horoscope with a feeble residential strength. Rahu dasa will be over by 2017 Oct and if you are serious about your thoughts, you should not waste any more time.

    Suppose you manage to live till 2017, then the following Jupiter Dasa will be excellent for you and you will win over everything you have lost. Read my blog to get some insight into astrology.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Yes you are going through a difficult time of your life, but the good things is that you can pass through this difficult period easily. You are in the main period of Rahu and the sub period of Sun. The period till September 2016 is going to challenging for you., but if you if you surpass this period you will see that all is good for you thereafter. Mars is exalted in your horoscope and in the 3rd house, therefore you do have enormous inner strength and initiative, but it is just that your focus is where it should be and because of which you are so disenchanted with life.

    Do the Following Remedies and surely it will bring you gains.

    1. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily

    2. Recite Rahu Mantra “Om Brim Rahave Namaha” 108 times daily

    3. Surya Namaskar


    Navneet Khanna

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    Vishal Raj

    These were brilliant replies by the 2 gentlemen. Aside to Santosh, I am a novice in astrology but I certainly believe in the great force called TIME which is dynamic and always changing. Neither did the old good times remain forever, nor will the current challenging times remain for long. But the matter of fact is that the fruit of success is not meant for the ones who believe in escapism. In order to match your own perception of being a wise and intelligent person, I think you should unfailingly work towards an action plan to constantly add value in your personality & skill set. When the right time comes, your current efforts will take you to greater heights. Think better and act better.


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