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Navneet ji::Difrnce betwn Sagittarius and Pisces

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    Astro guide

    Hi for Gemini and Virgo rising ppl their 7th house is ruled by Sagittarius and Pisces respectively. Both these signs are governed by Jupiter so for Gemini and Virgo rising their spouse will posses quality of Jupiter. Right?
    So does it mean both the signs show same quality or some difference? Can u pls tell me the difference between the two signs Sagittarius and Pisces? And also quality of Jupiter rising ppl? I hope for a reply soon and a genuine one…thanks

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    Navneet Khanna

    For Gemini and Virgo you are correct that the 7th house would be ruled by Sagittarius and Pisces, which are the two signs by Planet Jupiter. However Both the signs are very different in terms of their behaviour , characteristics and personality. Sagittarius is the Positive sign of Jupiter while Pisces is the negative sign of Jupiter. If you are not into astrology then you need to know that every planet except Sun and Moon has two signs in the Zodiac , one is a positive sign and other is a negative sign. One is a male sign and the other is a female sign. A male sign would have male qualities and a female sign would have female qualities. Male qualities would include aggressiveness, rigidity, stubborn while negative qualities would include being emotional, sentimental etc.

    Another major difference between Sagittarius and Pisces is that Sagittarius is fiery sign while Pisces is watery sign.

    These qualities of Sagittarius and Pisces would show in the spouse of Gemini and Virgo respectively, which would make them very different despite both signs being ruled by Jupiter.


    Navneet Khanna

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    sir can you explain more in general terms?? what will be the qualities and bad qualities of sagittarius and piseces sign??? It will be very helpful. 🙂
    and what does being fiery and watery sign signify???

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      Navneet Khanna

      I know why you feel one sign is better than other. They both are great signs they certainly have different characteristics. Due to limitation of the forum I cannot go in too much analysis of each sign, but even if you read more on, you will get more information.

      Each sign of the Zodiac is related to an Element. These elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The list goes as below.

      Aries – Fire;
      Taurus – Earth;
      Gemini – Air;
      Cancer – Water;
      Leo – Fire;
      Virgo – Earth;
      Libra – Air;
      Scorpio – Water;
      Sagittarius – Fire;
      Capricorn – Earth;
      Aquarius – Air;
      and Pisces – Water.

      Sagittarius has fire qualities. Which makes them outgoing, aggressive. If they have difficulty in expressing themselves, they can become selfish and risk takers. However they are very motivated, focused and confident.

      Pisces is a watery sign which makes is very emotional even if they dont display their emotions. Pisces native are quite resourceful, easily adapt to changes. They are caring, artistic but like to live in a dream world.


      Navneet Khanna

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    Hello pls answer

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    Sir pls answer

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    Thanks a lot for this explanation.
    What about the quality and bad quality of earth sign?
    Have you written articles on this? Would love to read them.

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    And air sign too

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