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Navneet jiiii plssssss

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    Navneet Sir…… can u tell me how are days from 5th jan—- till 15 January for Virgo ascendent boys on point of various EXAM result declaration???
    Actually I was curious as from tomorrow my lagan lord will be retro in 5th house…but competition lord in 3rd aspecting 5th lord of study and competition lord is also with bhagya lord Venus…. So till 15 Jan, days r good or bad for result….????

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    sir i will be greatful to u if u reply…….

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    Sir my point is of result… What can u say about result when mercury is retro?? Plzzzz tell
    Will retro mercury affect result? As placement is good in 5th house….

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    ;( 🙁

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    Pls reply sir I know only u can solve my question….

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    Please reply i request…. my point is of result… What can u say about result when mercury os retrograde???
    Plzzzz understand my question..
    Will retro mercury affects result? As placement is good in 5th house….for virgo ascendant in transit….

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    Navneet Khanna

    Mercury or Retrograde does not have any effect on your results. Planet when it gets retrograde is in no way moving backwards, it simply slows down but to us it appears that it is moving backwards.

    I will be posting an article on Retrograde planets in a day or so. Please read and you will understand what is Retrograde planets.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thanks..So can u tell how to read transit for result??

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