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Navneet sir and uma Maheshwar Rao sir pls help me understand

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    Hi sir, Iam a gemini ascendant with ketu in lagna. I have jupiter in 3rd, Venus in 5th, mars Mercury in 6th, sun Rahu in 7th, Saturn in 8th, moon in 10th house. Saturn aspects 2,5,10 houses of my chart.plz let me know how Saturn aspect on my career 10th house will be in this year and Saturn transits to Sagittarius in 2017 which is my 7th house sign can I get married during Saturn antardasha which is from August 2017. Awaiting yr reply sir

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    Please provide your time,place,day of birth

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      Hi Akash astro, dec 16th 1991, time 6.17 pm, vvizag

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Sani in 8th house is very bad.
    Sani reduces the power of moon.
    Though Moon is very good in 10th house,Sani will put
    many problems in your career.

    Sani is seeing Sukra.
    So,delay is indicated in marriage.
    You have to reduce your criteria in choosing groom.
    YOu should try hard in choosing groom and also reduce
    your requirements.Then you can get married in Sani
    There is some evil in your horoscope.
    It is better for you to do penance for 6months.
    You have to avoid milk products,sweets,sweet fruits,
    dry fruits and nonveg for 6 or 12 months.
    You have to observe fasting for one day in a week.
    On the day of fasting,you can eat uncooked
    vegetables(unlimited quantity).
    Please read the article in google-kumrao99 penance

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    Thank u so much uma Maheshwar Rao sir, Iam working in a gud company right now but from the last 6 months I could not see any growth in the job.. sir are there any indications of job loss or change of professiin?Plz let me know

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