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Navneet Sir help please

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    Sir I am an engineering student in final year with job offer from an MNC but I wish to do MBA in future. Are there chances of it or should I continue with the job I am being offered??
    DOB:: 18/07/1993
    Time: 11:52 am
    PLace:: Calcutta.

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    Pls reply

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    Navneet Khanna

    You have a good horoscope on the career front, your 10th house is ruled by Moon and Moon is posited in the 9th house with 9th lord Mercury. This has a lot of advantages and also few disadvantages. 11th lord of gains is in the 10th house another good position for it to be. Sun in the 10th house will give you gains, fame, position and also high position in life. As Sun is in the 10th house you should look at MBA and it will be good for you closer to higher position at administrative level.

    Now your other question about MNC offer, well it all depends upon how you want to do your MBA. There is no denying that MBA is important and should be done. If you feel the offer is better than what you could have got then just take it. If you feel the offer is average and there can be better coming your way then just go ahead with MBA right away.

    As I can make out your long term career is good, you do not need to be really worried about not enhancing your qualification now.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you Sir for your great counsel. I feel the ongoing period is somewhat challenging for me and heading towards the job will be safe and being there I can prepare for MBA.

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