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Navneet sir i need ur help

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    Sir it has been causing me a lot of distress in my life hence i am posting this query. If you can help me with some insights i would be greatful. There is this guy that i have been involved with for 4 years after which he suddenly changed his mind and broke up with me. We still are in touch and im still trying to win him back. There were faults on my side which made me loose him. It causes me a lot of distress just wondering that what if it wont work in the lobg run. I am eager to know if even am i putting my efforts and time into the right person. So i want if u can advice me that what type of guy will i marry? Some hints will help. Like will he be from another caste? Will he be elder or younger? Just little information if u can help me sir. I would be very thankful to u.. looking forward to ur help. Thanks sir

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    My details are
    00:31 a m.
    2nd october 1997
    New delhi

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      its advised that you better look for arranged marriage . with guy selected by your parents. from an examination of your kundali ..its seems your jupiter planet of marriage and career is retrograde and also debilitated and in star of moon.

      jupiter is not as weak as it seems as weak in shadbala…and your kundali has kala sarpa combination.

      as you said 4 years you have been in freindship. and it started in rahu period.

      during jupiter period 2013 onwards problems seems to be cropping up.

      as jupiter the 7th lord is retro there can be possibilty that husband will be someone unconventional habits.

      ketu connection with venus also suggests some what unconventional freindships you undertake.

      but its advised that you should listen to you mother even though she is dominating and status oreinted. and marry a person who is known to your family. after kundali milan.


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    As per my evaluation, your marital house is the weakest in your horoscope. And therefore your primary consideration should not be marriage in life. You will shine in your career with very good return without putting that much effort by around 2028 and therefore you should try to develop your skills and make good use of it. You have a strong personality and that is the reason why you are not submissive in nature. There is no kalasarpa yoga in your horoscope. Read my blog which will give you a better knowledge about how astrology can help you.

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