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Navneet sir—Jupiter for gemini ascendant

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    Hi sir, if there is sun Rahu conjunction in 7 the house of a gemini ascendant and lord of seventh house is jupiter is in 3rd house. As jupiter suffers from Kendra adhipathi dosha, will it not help in having peaceful married life? And if 5th house is Venus does it give love marriage?

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    Hi chandini

    With limited information provided by you the following can be some interpretations
    First of all its not any dosha or something negative.
    Kendra lord Guru in friendly raasi vrichaka….. ( brother/sibling of native will be compassionate or religious person)
    Kendra lord guru of 4 and 7 houses…

    Venus in 5th house….( yes can give love marriage if there is connection with 7th lord )
    Sun and rahu in 7 makes one very choosy about life partner
    Person will have desire to become famous and get noticed by people in general
    Sun rahu combination occurring in meena raasi can also increase social circle of native but due to rahu its always needed to be careful sometimes with wrong people around.
    Jupiter does not give marriage related problems but may be some ideological differences with mother or
    Some breaks in education are possible as guru is in 12th from 4th house of basic education.
    more details contact at


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      Hi sir, this is my dob 16th Dec,91. 6.17 pm, vizag

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        hi Chandini

        From software iam getting taurous ascendant and not gemeni..ascendant for the dob you have mentioned .and 7th house is occupied by mars with retrograde mercury.
        mars in jyestha 1st padam and so married life will be good.

        is your father connected with politics or is there some problem with your father.
        mercury being 5th lord connected with 7 house can give love marriage.due to retrogression of mercury there can be some delays and misunderstanding in communication.
        suitable period for marrriage June to Aug 2017 when transit guru will be in forward motion and connecting with 7th cusp star lord saturn. through 5th aspect and transit shanu will also move to scoprio .


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