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Navneet Sir, JVS Rao Sir and Deepak Sir pls guide me

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    nikita sureka

    I want to know when will I get married. Also i am in a relationship with a girl but my family is opposing it and I cant go against them. Do I have probability of love marriage in my horoscope. My details are as follows:

    DOB: 10.01.1987
    Time: 08.07 AM
    Place Kolkata


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    Yes love marriage is promised in your horoscope. Because your Venus is conjunct Saturn and Saturn also aspects the 5th house so there will some hurdles in love marriage. You will get married in 2020.

    Also I have a question did around the age of 24 you traveled abroad?

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    nikita sureka

    Yes I did traveled abroad at that time. Sir according to your prediction I will get married in 2020 but the girl in question is 2.50 years elder to me and I dont think she will wait till that time. So will my love marriage take place with some other girl??

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    Rahu-Ketu period starting from 22 May 2018 will be good time to get married as Rahu is placed in nakshatra of Mercury and has 7th lord Moon as sublord while Ketu is placed in nakshatra of 7th lord Moon and has Venus(karaka of marriage) as sublord.

    Love marriage is indicated as Rahu and Ketu both denote 5,8,11 combination (seems like you have been in relations since start of Rahu period from 2007).

    Your time is favorable and focus on doing your karma while talking to families.

    May god bless you
    Astrologer Deepak

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    nikita sureka

    Thanks Deepak Sir. Yes I was in my first relationship since end of 2009 which ended in beginning of 2014. This is my second relation since mar 2016 and i really want to get it converted into marriage. but my family is dead against it as the girl is elder to me. Girls details are as follows:

    DOB: 27.07.1984
    Time: 22.58
    Place: Kolkata


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    You are an adult and can take independent decision with your girlfriend. Do what is right and ethical.

    Astrology or anything else cannot convince families or take decision on your behalf.

    May god bless you with courage and right decision making,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    nikita sureka

    Thanks Sir. I know astrology cant take decision and convince my family. But if love marriage is not there only in my charts then no amount of convincing will also help. That is why i wanted to confirm if Love marriage is there or not. Thanks For your guidance

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    If everything was predetermined there would be no new karma and no freewill/birth cycle. So making astrology as an excuse to not try is not right.

    Also ethically, if you really believe in astrology, you should have asked this question before progressing with relationship further.

    God Bless,

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