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Navneet sir pls help – exams

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    Dob 08.may.1993
    Time 11:00 am
    Place : New Delhi

    I am a CA student- at final level. I cleared half of the final papers in November 2015 but still left with remaining 4. I appeared in May 2016 but failed. Now, my exams are due in November 2016. Will I suceed this time and become a CA ?

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    Navneet sir.. If you could pls put some light on the above

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    Sir ?

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear NM, the period that you are passing through is very challenging. First you are passing through the mahadasha of Venus and antardasha of Moon. Moon is under the affliction of Rahu in your 5th house of education. Rahu and Moon conjunction form the Chander Gharan dosha.

    Secondly you are in the period of Shani Sade satti. This is a difficult period which will not let you focus and concentrate. The Sade satti is always a very challenging period and can have a bad effects on you more so because of abive dosha and also Moon is debilitated. You will leave things in between, unable to get the desired results despite your efforts. Unsettled thoughts and negativity.

    Doing the Remedies given below will surely help.

    1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily

    2. Keep fast On Mondays

    3. Visit Shani temple every Saturdays

    Do the remedies and give in your best efforts. Do your studies and surely you will see good results. Things may be difficult but not impossible.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you Sir.
    You are right about unsettled thoughts and negativity.
    And I keep fasts on Monday.
    Will keep in mind other things too.

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    Hello Mr Navneet my D.O.B is 25/02/1972 and time of birth is 3.00pm and place of birth is London,I would like to know when according to my chart will I be purchasing my New Home, if you could please let me know

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    Hello Mr Navneet if you could please reply to my Question

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