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need some answers reg marriage and dasha

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    My Birth details are 27/04/1984, birth time : 17:35, birth place- karaikudi below have happened in Mercury mahadasha 1) stomach/ digestive related problems
    2) problems/enmity with father/ relatives/ workplace
    3) me and my mother always had problem with my father problem
    4) due to lots of issues in my life, i started learning meditation and most of the time spend my time in meditation Only positive is that I did not get terminated in job even after facing lots of problems and has some sort of income
    1) When 1,2 will get resolved..? there is some improvement with relation with father for the last 1 year
    2) I have mercury and venus in 7th as per lahiri ayanamsa and 6th as per vakya panchang- In any case guru aspects these 2 or the 2 planets come inside guru’s house. my parents are asking me to get married now, will marrying will further create problems for me. Venus and Mars getting the 6th house association will it effect my married life and further create problems for me.>? I have faced so much health/enemy problems that I hesitate/ afraid of marrying as I guess the wife also might have enemity with me or further create problems
    3) Also do I have the possibility of getting the ancestral property/ fathers property in my horoscope Mars the lord of 2nd and 7th is again in Guru’s nakshatra which is lord of 6th. Sun which signifies father is exalted but gets drishti from Guru. Will I face problem due to enemies(or from perception wife/ relatives) in getting the property or will i get the property correctly
    4) Will succeed in my meditation/ attaing moksha or some siddhi atleast I have consulted many astrologers they tell that my marriage life will be better and my life will improve after 33 years of age. Thought they dont tell why / how that will happen as per horoscope. Due to lots of problems in my life i myself started learning astrology (little bit) and expect that the next ketu dasha and venus dasha will also create problems for me and there wont be much improvement. any comments on the above..? lagna is in 2 degree of libra

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    Your knowledge of Astrology is too vague which is what happens after reading many of the websites which gives contradictory explanations of astrological axioms. Do read to help you understand the evaluation of a horoscope.

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    I just went through your articles
    the one was very good
    I need some formula to calculate the residential strength, good %, bad %.
    Are these good%, bad% similar to ishata phal, kashta phal or their calculation differs..?

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    They are available of the web. Or read Dr.B.V.Raman’s “Graha and Bhava Balas”.

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    I have a doubt
    You are considering only the residential strength
    shad bala/ ashtakvarg doesn’t count towards strength of the planet.?

    My perception is that the residential strength gives the score of a planet to affect the bhava in which the planet is placed/ aspecting bhavas. It doesn’t give the actual power of the planet

    the shadbala gives the actual power placed on the 6 other factors
    Please comment on my perception

    If the planet has a less residential strength but a high shad bala what will be the outcome oft he planet’s dasha(vimoshattari).?

    If a planet has high residential strength, but a low shad bala what will be the outcome of the planet’s dasha(vimoshattari).?

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    You must read my articles with interest. The strength of houses is a combination of the strength of the Lord of the house, planets placed in the house and planets aspecting the house and the significator of the house duly moderated by the residential strength of the planets. Astrology is all about the strength of the 12 houses of a horoscope. The individual planets only contribute their might towards this ultimate purpose. The might of a country is the combined effect of their wealth, health and the government machinery. Is it not? All the planets in the Solar System has the same strength always but their influences on humans change depending on the time of birth. The combined effect of all planets acts on we humans as Dasas, Antardasa, Pratyanthardas, Sookshma dasa, Praana dasa and Deha dasa. Every breath of us carries the combined effect of all the planets in the above form. There is also the Narayana Dasa or Rasi Dasa which will help you evaluate the periods based on the strengths of houses. Read all my articles on the blog and you will be wiser.

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    Hi TMR ji,
    so if the bhava bala is good and the residential strength of the planet that lords the house is low (or zero) as I see that except moon, shukra, mars, all the other planets are in end or beginning of a bhava, then the strength of their significations/ bhava which they lord also fails.>?

    in my case sun (ruling 11), mercury ruling 9 and 12, Jupiter ruling 3 and 6, ketu and rahu wont do any good and mostly will cause sufferings..? mercury, sun, jupiter, saturn , rahu, ketu are all placed in either end of begining of a bhava and doesn’t have much residential strength

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    Do come through Paid Consultation if you want a full scientific evaluation of your horoscope.

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    I guess in my horoscope all the planets are in either Bhava sandhi or Rasi sandhi
    so all these planets wont do any good even if they have good shad bala Am i right..?

    I am posting in this forum to gain astrological insight myself as I have already consulted many astrologers for paid consultation and none predicted anything clearly

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