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Obstacles in education

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    Three years ago I finished high school and currently I’m attending a university. However the faculty isn’t exactly what I wanted and I started with a delay compared to my peers. My education has been bringing me a lot of hurdles and frustration in the last couple of years (since 2012). Before high school things were flowing easily in this department. Is it some temporary blockage and there is a chance that things will get better (so that I can peacefully proceed with my current studies or start something new in the future)? Maybe I should consider giving up and going towards some career path that doesn’t require higher education?

    27 November 1995
    Warsaw, Poland (52° N, 21°E)
    06:05 AM

    Thank you in advance for any help and guidance

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    you will start Rahu-Mercury period from 29/10/2017 till 17/5/2020 which will be solid for education and success as Mercury is well placed in second house in natal chart and in ascendant in Chalit. In Chalit Ketu is placed in 5th house which gives struggles in education.

    You have good combinations for success and once Jupiter moves into ascendant end Sep 2017 and Saturn moves to 3rd house around end Oct 2017, you should be much more optimistic focused and determined.

    You will do well if you do your own business/consultancy after finishing your education.

    Stay focused and do your karma as hardwork is key to success & luck,
    Astrologer Deepak

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