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Operation querry

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    I will be having my autologus this october after Diwali. I wish to now will the same be successful
    07.10.1962, 6.10 p.m, BHA near Agra

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    The weakest house in your horoscope is the 8th house and it is unlikely that you will have a long life. 2020 will be challenging in this regard. However wish you best of luck

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    Sir that mean this transplant would be successful. Further, if you could guide my health analysis between 25 oct till 30 nov coz during this period I will be under medical supervision.

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    You are currently under Mahadasha of Jupiter and antradasha of Rahu. Jupiter being lagna lord is placed in 11th house in Chalit in nakshatra of Rahu (placed in 5th house) and has Jupiter as sublord. Rahu is placed in 5th house in star of Saturn and in nakshatra of Rahu. Both Jupiter and Rahu show good combination for health but Jupiter is retrograde thereby reducing its power.

    During Oct-Nov you will be under Antra of Venus in Jupiter-Rahu and Venus is 8th lord placed in 8th house in Chalit (though Venus is placed in star of Jupiter and has moon as sublord). In transit also Jupiter will be in 8th house, Rahu in 5th house and Saturn will be in 10th house aspecting 4th house of recovery. Also your Saturn will pass over Moon (you are under peak saadesati) which is also lord of 5th house which denotes good health/recovery as well.

    Expect some minor complications and slow recovery. Chanting Jupiter Beej Mantra and Rahu beej mantra will help you alot.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Thank you Deepak ji and tMR Ji for your precious guidance.

    I now I might not live long but it is very hassle to go every week for chemos so after this transplant i will have check up after 3-4 months and medicine. Because of me everyone in the family is worried

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    Good luck and may god bless you!

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