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    Hi could someone please tell when we will stay in own house
    My dob may 5th 1981, 3:10am Hyderabad.
    My husband details
    February 4th,1976
    11:40am vijayawada

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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    As per your husband horoscope will be out of his home in connection with work. may be working abroad. After 2035, he will back home.

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      when will i settle in India. DOB July 10 1979 6:40pm . thanks.

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        Pls tell your place of birth


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          When Will I settle in India DOB 10-7-79 5:40 pm Bangalore. How will be my career prospects. Please note birth timings is 5:40pm and not 6:40pm

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            hello Madam Kirtija

            Om namaha Shivaya

            First saturn 7th period has began for your raasi ..the first phase will last till mid 2020 will give you enough strength to cope up with troubles compared to remaining period.

            Current mercury sub period during Jupiter main period – 2033 Lasts till may 2018. You may get strong thoughts of coming to home land. May be around Nov 2018 , or period 2022 to 2024 march you thoughts may materialize.
            At same time you can expect Career progress upto may 2018 , and July to Dec 2018



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