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Period going ahead

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    Jai Shankar

    Shri Navneetji,

    Last few years have been facing difficulties on job and domestic front.

    What is our opinion with respect to my career. Have not been gainfully employed since five years

    DOB 23/01/1963
    TOB. 7.05 am
    Place. Jodhpur (rajsthan)

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    Have a look at the planetary dispositions.

    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 55.22 29.65 59.70 Malefic
    Moon 62.78 18.30 69.47 Malefic
    Mars 60.72 9.18 15.53 Malefic
    Mercury 94.98 61.35 16.75 Benefic
    Jupiter 18.14 25.53 74.47 Malefic
    Venus 32.50 43.40 42.65 Benefic
    Saturn 12.41 18.65 55.94 Malefic
    Rahu 72.87 18.30 69.47 Malefic
    Kethu 72.87 18.65 55.94 Malefic

    Net 53.61

    Jupiter and Saturn are highly malefic and their sub periods were/are running till November 2016. Thereafter Mercury sub period will be highly benefic with excellent residential strength. Perhaps you will have to wait till then for things to improve.

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    Please have a look at my horoscope:

    DOB: 31 March, 1964
    Time: 6.25 AM
    Place: Hyderabad

    Kindly comment on my finance position currently. How will my career or business shape up in the coming Ketu Mahadasa ? I am worried.


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    Your 2nd house which indicates your inherited wealth, bank balance etc. is having an average potency of 38.53% which is graded as a pass mark with a range within 29% to 47%.

    Your house of gains indicated by the 11th house is having an average strength of 32% for the entire period of your life within the range 25 to 41%.

    Your planetary dispositions are :

    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 79.85 69.62 16.00 Benefic
    Moon 98.14 23.97 44.38 Malefic
    Mars 19.04 23.43 29.56 Malefic
    Mercury 10.04 23.47 52.16 Malefic
    Jupiter 8.50 23.45 51.81 Malefic
    Venus 17.24 56.07 23.13 Benefic
    Saturn 15.70 29.17 57.35 Malefic
    Rahu 50.46 23.47 52.16 Malefic
    Kethu 50.46 23.45 51.81 Malefic

    Net 38.82

    Your Kethu dasa would be better than the Mercury dasa which is nearing completion. Kethu has a better residential strength and therefore will not be that malefic as Mercury would had been.

    However the residential strength ( indicates Anubhava Yoga) is not all that good as is evident from the above table except in case of Sun(benefic), Moon, Rahu and Kethu(Moon, Rahu and Kethu are though malefic would not be that bad since they are strong enough not to bother you much. “Balavanishtam kuruthe Papa” which means ‘strong evils do good to one rather than weak evils’.

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    Jai Shankar

    Thank your very much sir for your time and efforts. I appreciate it.

    Which period shall be challenging post Rahu-Mercury

    Best Regards

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