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    Kuntal Bose

    Place-Kolkata, West Bengal

    I have passed M.Sc (Mathematics) and want to do PhD next.This would take 5-7 years.Will I get satisfactory job afterwards? This may delay my marriage. Would that hamper my married life?

    Thank you in advance..

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    You have a reasonably good horoscope with around an average 60% net strength ranging from 54 to 64%. Your marital bliss is also good with a 56.34% mean strength(+or-5% variations due to transitory influences). So you have nothing to worry on both these accounts. You have a high IQ (74.53%) which is a first class with distinction. Go ahead and be a Doctor of Mathematics.

    Being highly interested in Mathematics, you should read all my articles on my blog I am also a post graduate in Mathematics/Statistics and from 1964 onwards, I have been a software architect and am still going strong with my research on Mathematics of Astrology.

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    Kuntal Bose

    Thank you very much sir, for your kind reply. Your words were very encouraging.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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