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Please help

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    Dear Sir,

    I have a query regarding my husband’s work condition. My husband is running a small mechanical industry. He is working in this field from the age of 18. He works very hard but somehow he is not getting success at all. From past few months things have worsen. Whatever work he tries to do , it takes long time. And after waiting for so long period end result is always zero. We are in debt.
    We have done lot of puja and path. Many astrologers told us that this is his good period. But there is nothing good happening. Every time he gets only failure. We are very much worried and tired now. We need your guidence.

    His birth details are :

    Birth Date : 23-Feb-1969
    Birth Time : 00:50 am
    Birth Place : Kanpur UP

    Please check.

    Thank you

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    Hi Dhanshreeji

    your husbands Current dasa is Jupiter- mercury and mercury …mercury is 8th lord and it cannot do much good. And its star lord is in house 6, which Is not so good..though it improves over time.
    So mercury dasa will will last till 2018 end , But there can some relief after jan I can say this not good period. After 2017 some relief, but ketu period after 2017 will be good.and there will be some changes …in life style in positive direction.
    Main problem is mars in Saturn star, so prayers to Saturn like praying to hanuman ji on Tuesdays will help..Hard work and no success, 10th lord sun in rahu star, and rahu in 6 …so rahu must be propitiated….by doing pujas to rahu Bhagwan. by offering prayers to Durga mataji on Saturdays , nasun in rahu star also means proper planning of life in general……
    Mars connects with sun, your husband will do well if he changes his behaiur.Jupiter transit during 2019 and 2020 will also be very good ….finances will improve.
    In navamsa too Jupiter and mercury are 2/12 , again not so good., in dasamsa for profession again Jupiter and mercury are in mutuaol 6/8 again not so good
    Reason for debts is venus , Saturn and rahu in house 6 of debts, Saturn and rahu are difficult planets, house 6 improves over time.
    Lord of finace is Jupiter which is moon star that’s good and moon placed in house 6, and Jupiter itself in labha stahan, again in dasama its labha house.but with Saturn and mars.
    I feel you can expect cuurent position to continue till another 2 to 3 months,
    Jupiter Ketu period from 2018 end must be better period.


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      Please tell

      1. What behavioral changes he should do ?
      2. You have written period after 2017 till 2020 will be good for finance. But what about after 2020 ? will he agin loose his wealth ?


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        Hi Danashree

        Sun mars gives egoistic nature, and financially 2017 is just average worst will be over after jan 2017 ..only after 2018 things will improve.
        Jupiter and ketu may make him do things without proper planning so that’s very risky and this also counts under mental stature
        So not to understake any risky ventures and keep current business going.
        2 yrs from aug 2018 financially stable period and more less.after 2020 position will improve exept in 2022 and 2023 again same precautin have to be observed


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          Hello Satishji,

          Thanks for your detailed analysis.

          This is not the first time my husband is facing these financial issue. Previously as well he did work hard and faced financial loss.

          Now after hearing all these things he is just thinking if he does business on my name then will it give success ?

          My birth details:
          Date : 21-Nov-1979
          Time : 12:35 pm
          Place : Mumbai

          Please tell.


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            hello dhanashree ji

            I am not aware of certain methods in astrology where by working in another person name good results follow.
            My further analysis, but I woud request you to mail me at sat681sh@yahoo .com for more quesries
            7th lord venus , in mercury star who is placed in house 3, so business relating to communication, mobile phones, commission agency.
            In ketu dasa next year 2017, real estate can also be indicated as suitable profession as ketu in sun star and sun in 4th house….aquarios…

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