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Please Help for Gruhapravesh date

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    Dear Sirs

    My husband and I have bought a house in Fremont, CA and will be able to move into the house from August 14- Aug 31, 2017
    Can you please suggest a good date for Gruhapravesha in this time?

    Our details are as follows:

    Me: Uttarashada nakshatra, makara rashi
    Husband: Anuradha nakshatra, Vrischik Rashi
    Child: Vishaka nakshatra, Tula Rashi

    Please provide a good date for us to have the ceremony in August. Looking forward to your advice.

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    JVS Sir, Umamaheshwar Sir, TMR Sir, Please help to get a good muhurat.

    Thank you

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    I request help in getting a good date. Can someone please help? This is very importatnt to us.


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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V S Rao

    I am not aware of muhurtha bhaga. I can not help you in this regard. If you need help in astrology part, you can contact in this forum. Best of Luck.
    JVS Rao

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