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pls help tmr sir

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    dob : 16/08/1991
    time : 10.40 am
    pob : karwar , Karnataka
    what is gandanta point..?
    whether I have gandanta point in my horoscope

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    Gandanta point means karkataka last degree and Simha first degree.
    Your sun is in 29degrees 7minutes of karkataka.
    Your Guru is in 0 degrees 21min of Simha.
    Both the planets are in gandanta position.
    They are called sandhi points.This is a special sandhi
    between Kataka and Simha.
    Another gandanta is between Vrishchika and Dhanush.
    Sun is alright as it is having Digbala in 10th house.
    But Guru in 11 th house is not having strength in your horoscope.
    There are 4 planets in 11th house..
    You need not worry much.

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    whether its bad for me or mine family..??

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    sir pls

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    Gandandasamaye jaathe pithru mathru kulaanthaka. The saying goes like that. But many of such astrological axioms has no meaning unless the yoga itself is very strong and in which case your family would have suffered by now almost to the point of extinction. There are lot of myths and misconceptions in Astrology. Read my blog and you will find details of such misconceptions.

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    sir wat r remedies of gandanta point

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    You have to do penance for 12months to reduce negativity
    People waste their time,without any idea of improving
    the quality of life and reducing bad karma.
    1.Daily have four baths (cold water baths).Upanishads say Aap(natural cold
    water) is itself Brahma(God).
    2.Daily eat at least 200gms of uncooked vegetables.Uncooked vegetables
    contain divinity.Additionally,you can eat ordinary meals and tiffins.
    3.Avoid milk products,sweets,nonveg,fish,eggs,dry fruits for 6months.
    You can eat other food items.
    4.You can do sex once in 2 months.You should avoid sexual thoughts also.
    Frequent sex and engaging in sex thoughts,evil spirits will sit on you.
    5.This is called penance(tapas).Tapas will remove your bad karma.
    You have to improve your fate by reducing bad karma.

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