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plz guide for career

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    akshay bajaj

    14.56 p.m

    plz guide…

    I m looking for managmnt course abroad..
    Will i be able to settle dere ?

    Or should i join my dad bussiness ?
    Which will be more beneficial for me…
    or should i go for course only nd then come back ???

    Plz guide what is good for me ?

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    Dear Akshay,

    I do not find any special good reason to go abroad for studying management courses. You have IIMs and many other reputed institutions in India. What is the big attraction abroad. Are you intending to join Harvard?

    You are asking questions which cannot be answered by Astrology. Astrology is not clairvoyance. We can only evaluate your horoscope and find out your success factor in different houses of your chart which will give you an idea about the potency of your career house which in turn will help you making decisions of what to do next. You can come through Premium Services if you are interested in a scientific evaluation of your horoscope.

    In the meantime read my articles on to get a better insight into what astrology can do to help you.

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    akshay bajaj

    Is dis good time to start bussiness ???

    Some astrologer told me u should start bussiness in rahu jup period ???

    astrologer told me to go abroad for success thats y i asked ??

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    Consulting too many astrologers is tantamount to going to too many doctors when you are ill which will only confuse you as to who is right and who is wrong. That is why I suggested you to have a scientific analysis of your horoscope which obviously you are not inclined to. Evidently you have not read my articles seriously. I am not interested in having a discourse on why your some astrologer has told you so. It is totally up to you to take your own decisions on such matters.

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