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Plz help

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    I want to know when will have a stable career and job i am 26 year old i dont have a good job and career till now.i am studying cookey and patisserie in newzealand and just came from india ladt year here so i can do something and might my fate change here.but i am not earning that much and doing odd jobs to just pay my rent and bills and i dont know i am afraid of driving i dont know why…..these all problems in my life is making my life a hell and as i am away from family i feel sad and depresed due to all this .i have responsibilty to do something as they have spent so much on me to send me here .would i become sucessful chef one day,would i be a famous and recognized person in my field ??

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at your Horoscope we see that your ascendant is Virgo and rashi is Cancer. You are born under the Pushya Nakshatra ruled by Planet Saturn. 10th house is ruled by Mercury. Therefore your 10th and lagan lord are same which is Mercury. Mercury in your horoscope is in the 6th house and combust. This is never good. Because of which you will lack confidence, you have difficulty in expressing yourself. Being a Virgo native you have enormous capabilities however as Mercury Virgo lord is in a malefic house and combust , you cannot bring your capabilities outside. You are highly creative in your work and your 2nd house and 9th house is ruled by Venus. 2nd house is the house of finance and 9th house is the bhagyastan , which is the house of luck. Therefore in life you will gains by exhibiting your creative side. Certainly a career in cookery and patisserie suits you.

    You should wear Emerald in Silver on your right hand little finger for gains.


    Navneet Khanna

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      I am already wearing a panna in silver in my right hand choti finger from past two years now.As i have to remove it while i am doing work in kitchen as its not allowed to wear any ring…would it effect anything.And i want to know would i will settle in New Zealand or canda because i dont want to go back to india after this.And recently i am looking for a job and i have no much time i have to be more question i am 26 and i am single,i only once had a girl in my life but i would not say we were in realtionship.when i will meet someone who loves me and care about me.

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    No, it will not affect anything. You say you have no job and doing work in the kitchen is also a job befitting you well. India is not all that palpitating because you are away and you can continue as long as you like in New Zealand or Candy. That will be the day when world will be watching when someone who loves you embraces you and be your better half.

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