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    Dear sir,
    my wife has 27 week pregnancy & Delivery is expected in octobe but recently she has little complication found in sonography havng baby amniotic band incompleted growth which affects growth of organs to some extend , so i want to know as per our astrological kundli will child be coming with organs defect or will be healthy child with no problems by god grace , we are too much concern please help us giving us astrological remeides or any mantra jaap or pooja if required

    my details
    place of birth : baroda; gujarat
    time : 12:30 am
    birth date : 7/2/1980
    My wife details
    Place of birth :veraval ; gujarat
    time : 6:40 pm
    birth date : 13/1/1986

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Subham
    Greetings from Astrologmag, This is Anand Further to your details, I wish to give my opinion with regard to your query.
    First you are born in Chitra Star, Kanya Rasi and having Libra Lagna.
    Your 5th Lord is Saturn and he is associated with Moon in 12th.
    Your 5th house is being occupied by Mercury and Ketu. Both in close degrees standing in Dhanista star. Your Putra Karaka also Mercury hence Mercury 9th and 12th lord going to play major say. Mercury is aspected powerful Guru, Mars and Rahu.
    You are running Guru Mahadasa and Rahu bukthi both aspects 5th house.
    Hence Rahu by way of aspects and Bukthi plays role as he is also sitting in Ketu Star.

    With regard to your wife she is born in Cancer Lagna, sathabishek Star having Kumbh Rasi. Saturn in 5th house of scorpio it is in watery sign, Lord of the house mars in 4th along with Ketu.
    Saturn dasa started during 2017 Jan first week. Saturn is sitting in his star of Anusham. When I see progeny chart Saturn is placed in 7th house of Cancer.

    In Nutshell For Husband Rahu is giving disturbance due to his aspects, phase in the Concerned Chart, Now Rahu is going to shift to Cancer from Leo, Originally Rahu sitting in leo as per your chart. Once it is moved to cancer it will be better for you. Parikaram Offering and Fulfilling Rahu is good. Offer as much as RED FLOWER to RAHU and DURGA MA.

    For your MRS. Saturn is the planet your should take care by way of his position and he is sitting in own star. He is presently in the same position of Kochar too. You can Find Saturn in Scorpio and he will move after few months.
    Parikaram: Offering Sani Bhagwan GINGEELY OIL to Deity for Abishek is good it will reduce the impact, Second offer IRON Cots to poor family where they will use.
    Offer Blue Flower to Lord Sani and light lamp to Sani on Saturday.

    I had given enough details I also saved your horoscope in my system.
    If you want detailed reading let me know.

    Best Wishes
    Ananda Kumar Sharma

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    Navneet Khanna

    Shubham please give a number between 1-249 to analyze if child birth would be healthy or not.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    There is no life danger to the child as per the details given by you considering this is as 1st child. We can not base on them, as we do not know the correctness of the chart. without correlating with other details.
    As asked by Mr.Deepak, please ask your wife to give a number between 1 and 249 that spontaneously comes to her mind, without taking into consideration any lucky number.
    He will advise you correctly.
    JVS Rao

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