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Pregnancy issue

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    Jig G

    I am married from past 10 years. Trying for pregnancy from 5-6 years still no luck. No medical issue but my 5 tretments are failed. Will I be able to conceive? If yes, then when. appreciate your help in this.
    DOB – 11/02/1983
    Time – 13:10
    Place – Mumbai

    Husband’s detail:

    DOB – 17/02/1981
    Time – 15:10
    Place – mumbai

    Thank you.

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    Do not have much hopes of having a child of your own since the lord of the 5th house Mercury has near zero residential strength and is placed in the 8th house. Start thinking in terms of adopting one if you are that keen in having a child with you though such a child too may not bring you much happiness in life, on the contrary he could bring you lot of problems later on. Accept destiny as it is given to you by God.

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      Jig G

      Thank you sir for reply. But I have one doubt. In my kundali 5th lord ie mercury is in 9th house. But you said its in 8th house. Is there any different way of calculation? Ifwhat is my chances of getting pregnant if mercury is in 9th house?

      Thank you.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Vrishabha.
    Your lagna owner Sukra is in tenth house.
    It is very good point.
    Kuja is also in tenth house..Good point.
    Fifth house owner Budha is in ninth house.
    It is good.
    The negative point is that Kuja is seeing fifth house.
    Kuja is causing obstacles in getting a child.
    If you follow holistic healing method for 6months,
    your chances may improve.
    Please see in google-kumrao99 holistic healing.

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    Yes it was a typo. It is in fact in the beginning of 9th house. I am giving below the strength and nature of your planets in the horoscope.

    Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net effect

    Sun 11.86 41.48 36.79 21.73 Benefic 9.28
    Moon 83.15 19.57 61.43 19.00 Malefic 67.35
    Mars 37.70 40.40 24.02 35.58 Benefic 24.28
    Mercury 19.41 43.68 56.32 0.00 Malefic 19.41
    Jupiter 100.00 34.33 62.10 3.57 Malefic 96.43
    Venus 60.49 47.10 31.27 21.63 Benefic 47.41
    Saturn 93.04 77.22 11.04 11.74 Benefic 82.12
    Rahu 61.97 43.68 56.32 0.00 Malefic 61.97
    Kethu 70.49 34.33 62.10 3.57 Malefic 67.97

    Net 62.45 42.42 44.60 12.98 Malefic 54.34

    Sun, Mercury and Mars are the weakest planets. Look at the Net Effect column. And in your husband’s horoscope the lord of 5th house Venus (also a malefic) is in the Eighth house which caused my typo.

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    Jigna g

    OK. Thank you.

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